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Boost up your network with Wi-Fi network support

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In this era of advanced technology, Wi-Fi has become a very common name to us. It is a piece of technology which exploits radio waves and thus secure network connectivity. Wi-Fi can be used independently or can be instituted with the help of a wireless adapter for creating hotspots. This permits the arbitrary access of the internet services.

The wireless connectivity that the Wi-Fi offers once the configuration is done, can be hampered for various reasons. On home or at the public places, multiple issues may occur for which the connection may get dropped.

Some of them are given below:

  • Inadequate Wi-Fi Network Range which is connected very far away from the Wi-Fi connection.
  • Installation and up-gradation of repugnant software packages which consists of operating system services, operating system patches and other software.
  • Intrusion of radio signals from numerous consumer electronic products such as Bluetooth devices, microwave ovens, cordless phones etc.
  • Mistakenly connecting to the wrong Wi-Fi Network which may occur from the confusion of the SSID.
  • Not upgrading device driver or network driver and Firmware. These software manage diverse functions of the Wi-Fi hardware.
  • Overfilling or overheating the wireless access point due to limitless usage or superfluous network consumption.

The adept technicians of invest untiring efforts to provide Wi-Fi Network Support that focus on the client satisfaction with an aim of fixing and troubleshooting errors in the Wi-Fi network connection.

What we do?

  • Upgrading Router or Access Point Firmware.
  • Antenna upgrading and adopting latest techniques to enhance wireless signal transmission and reception.
  • Locating router or access point for best outcome.
  • Boosting up the range of Wi-Fi network.
  • Setting up and modifying Wi-Fi radio settings and configuration.
  • Changing the Wi-Fi channel to escape intervene.
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